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09 February 2010 @ 01:35 pm
Updated Masterlist  
2010 Masterlist:
pdragon76 wrote I Am Oak, I Am Tree for casper_san (Jo/Dean) It all comes down to this: a shotgun and a bottle of whiskey. (pg-13)

chocca2 wrote She's my heroine for scorpiod1 (Jo, Anna) Jo meets Anna while hunting and they team up for a while and kick some ass. (PG-13)

slartibartfast wrote Predictability for karateokat (Jo Harvelle; Bela Talbot) Jo has worn the ring since she was a kid. In college, while Jo is living an almost-ordinary life, a friendly stranger comes to her with drinks, and Jo realises too late what she wants. (PG-13)

alizarin_nyc wrote Book of Jo for aketoftime (Jo, Ellen, mild Jo/Dean) In the beginning was the word and the word was hunt. (PG-13)

roqu_clasique wrote The Excellent Glass of the Body for liliaeth (Gen, Ellen and Jo. (brief mentions of Ellen/Bill)) There was no choice. (PG-13)

lavendergaia wrote Letters from the Wasteland for erushi (Mary/John, Samuel and Deanna Campbell) They hold tightly to each other from thousands of miles away, each fighting their own war. (pg)

✖ *extraonions wrote for pennythepants

liliaeth wrote You are not aloneYou are not alone for not_from_stars (Jo, surprise character) Jo wakes up after Carthage, with no idea what’s going on (g)

pennythepants wrote Drifter on a Dead End Road for coyotesuspects (Bela centric with Henricksen.) AU- Three years after Lucifer’s release, Bela comes across a familiar face. (PG-13)

shaggydogstall wrote Venus Rising for familiardevil (Anna/Ruby, Anna/Lucifer, Castiel, Sam and Dean, Crowley) Fresh out of hell, Anna's got her own reasons for wanting to stop the apocalypse. AU. (nc-17)

familiardevil wrote A Women for alizarin_nyc Becky, Chuck, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Lucifer (with Becky/Chuck) What if God was one of us? (PG-13)

july_july_july wrote La Cantarella for chocca2 (Meg, Meg/Dean) In heaven all the interesting people are missing . -Nietzsche (NC-17)

bellatemple wrote Without Mythologies for shaggydogstall (Anna, Castiel, Gabriel, Ruby, gen with hints of het and femslash) Anna is something that cannot be: an angel and a human (PG-13)

casper_san wrote Discreetly I'm Yours for kiwiana (Ruby(centric) /Sam, Dean) Running a hand through her now brunette strands she thought maybe it would be better to grab a bottle of bleach. The thought had only entertained her for a short moment before she felt her hand tremble, the picture shaking right along with her. Why did she even care? (pg-13)

✖ **pennythepants wrote Minutes to Midnight for july_july_july (Bela, Crowley, Dean) Missing scene from 3.15. So. Bela gives the gun to Crowley instead of Lilith. She has her reasons. (M/16+)

sxymami0909 wrote I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better (Dean/Jo-ish, Sam) Dean get's kidnapped and Sam calls Jo for help. (PG) and Things We Lost ( Dean/Jo-ish) Dean reflects on all the things he's lost in his life, and the thing's he wished he hadn't (R) for silentga

erushi wrote A Girl Who Sang The Blue for lavandergaia (Bela Talbot-centric with brief mentions of Sam, Dean, and Crowley.) In which the origins of one Bela Talbot are explored. (pg-13)

silentga wrote Your Side for sxymami0909 (Jo/Dean, Ellen, Bobby) Jo reflects on the last five years (PG-15)

akeyoftime wrote Everything in Between and Beyond for rogue_clasique (Pamela Barnes, plus others. Some Pamela/Jesse, but mostly gen.) Psychics don’t get public holidays off. Or any other day, for that matter. (R)

not_from_stars wrote Stronger Than Strong for pdragon76 (Ellen Harvelle/William Harvelle, John Winchester) Sometimes, you had to be stronger than strong. (pg-13)

coyotesuspect wrote Origin Stories for belletemple (Sarah, Jo, very, very minor Sarah/Jo) Sarah's willing to accept that ghosts are real. She's a little more skeptical that a string of suicides in Albany might be the work of one. (PG-13)

scorpiod1 wrote See you on the Other Side for azewewish (Jo/Dean/Castiel) Jo doesn't believe in Last Nights on Earth. But that doesn't mean she can't enjoy this night regardless. (R)

azewewish wrote Let Us Not Talk Falsely (The Hour's Getting Late) for extraonions (Dean Winchester/Ellen Harvelle (Dean/Castiel)) If Ellen could, she'd give Dean an unbroken world, and herself, undamaged. But wishing is for the weak, and Ellen's never been weak. (R)

✖ **karate0kat wrote for slartibartfast

djkiwi2576 wrote Chasing the Memory of Your Name for lavendergaia (Mary Winchester; centers on Mary/Yellow Eyed Demon with mentions of Mary/John Winchester) There were days when she opened the boxes in the corner of the attic for some fragment of a day long ago; when Mary Campbell was not introduced as Sam and Deana’s only child. A wrinkle in the moments of her life when she was a big sister, instead she found a photo of her holding on to that forgotten child for dear life. (pg-13)

tokenblkgirl wrote Salvage for feathertofly (Dean/The Crossroads Demon/OFC) It’s been days since her last kiss. (NC-17)

blackmamba_esq wrote Embers for roque_clasique (Pamela Barnes, OC's) This is how the game is played. (pg-13)

electrumqueen wrote Lions Make You Brave for shaggydogstail (Anna Milton, Gabriel (+ others).) "I'm Anna. I hear voices." (pg)

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