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spn_women's Journal

SPN Women Ficathon
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This comm is only for the SPN women ficathon.

Rules and Regulations

What is a ficathon? A fication involves writers signing up to participate in a fic exchange. You offer to write something, and in return, a fic will be written for you according to your prompts/submissions. Welcomes Gen, Het, Slash, Femslash and threesomes.

1. All stories must focus on the women from Supernatural. Gen, het and femslash welcome. (Slash can only be background.)
2. All stories should be approximately 1,000+ words.
3. All stories should be rated, spell-checked and beta read before posting.
4. If you can't finish your story by the due date, please let me know when it will be finished.
5. If you can't finish your story at all, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can ask someone else to step in.
6. All requests must contain a valid email address.
7. Need to contact the mod? Do so at ironyrocks(at)gmail(dot)com

Sign-ups end: 20 November 2009. (CLOSED)
Assignments handed out: 25 November 2009.
Stories due: 10 January 2010 - 19 January 2010.

Sign Ups ARE CLOSED, but claim a Gift!fic prompt here!

Promotional Banners available here.

Need a beta? Wanna volunteer as a beta? Friendly Beta Post here

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